70mai компресор за гуми Air Compressor - TP01
Каталожен №: ++4795   Производител: 70mai

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гаранция: 24 месеца

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ТИП   Компресор за гуми  
ИНТЕРФЕЙС   12V DC Car Cigarette  
Х-КА 1   12V DC Output Convenient Car Cigarette Lighter Support  
Х-КА 2   Air Pressure up to 7 Bar
Fast inflation rate of 32L/min  
Х-КА 3   Preset Pressure Auto Cut-off  
Х-КА 4   30 Minutes Continuous Inflation (Empty sedan tire filled up in 3 minutes.)  
Х-КА 5   Touch Screen with Built-in LED: Features with the built-in LED touch screen, you may read the tire pressure even in the environment of poor lighting conditions and set your desired pre-set tire pressure by simply tapping the screen  
Х-КА 6   Various Nozzles Included for All Your Pumping Needs: Equipped with two adapted nozzles:
Long Nozzle x 1
Short Nozzle x 1
Needle x 1  
Х-КА 7   Packing:
70mai Air Compressor x 1
User Manual x 1  
ГАРАНЦИЯ  24 месеца  
БАРКОД EAN-13  6971669780401  


(Xiaomi) 70mai Air Compressor (Midrive TP01) Demonstration Xiaomi Review
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