Arctic контролер A-RGB controller with RF remote control - ACFAN00180A
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ТИП   A-RGB Fan Controller  
Х-КА 1   Allows you to use 3-pin A-RGB products with analog 4-pin RGB. The signal is converted and digitally transmitted.  
Х-КА 2   Due to the RF Remote support you can adjust your lighting with the included remote control even without direct access to or into the case  
Х-КА 3   Multiple Connections  
Х-КА 4   With this output even non-Arctic A-RGB products can be connected and fully controlled. The two 8-pin A-RGB fan sockets also allow you to integrate additional A-RGB fans into the system and fully synchronise them.  
РАЗМЕРИ   100 mm x 70 mm x 12 mm  
ЦВЯТ   Черен  
ГАРАНЦИЯ  72 месеца  
БАРКОД EAN-13  4895213702515  
събота 19 юни, 2021
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