Arctic Accelero TWIN TURBO

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ATI Radeon
HD 5870
HD 4870, 4850, 4830
HD 4770, 4730
HD 4670, 4650
HD 3870, 3850
HD 3690, 3650
HD 3650, 3450
HD 2900, 2600 series
X1950, X1900 series
X1800, X1650 series
X1600, X1550 series
X1300 series

nVIDIA GeForce
GT240, GTS150 (not LP), GT130 (not LP)
9800GTX+, 9800GTX, 9800GT
9600GT, 9600GSO
9500GT, 9400GT
8800GTS(G92), 8800GT, 8800GS
8600GTS, 8500GT (not LP), 8400GS (not LP)
7950GT, 7900, 7800, 7600 series
6800, 6600 series

Please check your card with the height restriction drawing to assure compatibility

Superior Cooling Solution for High Performance Graphics Cards

A new dual-fan VGA cooler Accelero TWIN TURBO, adding a multi-compatible high performance merchandise into their reputable VGA cooler product line. With 26°C temperature reduction and 0.6 Sone noise level, the Accelero Twin Turbo is an ideal VGA cooler for enthusiasts to boost overclocking potential to a new horizon.

Main features

• Unmatched cooling performance – up to 120W
• Efficient heat transfer via 4 heatpipes and 30 fins
• Two ultra quiet 80mm fans with low noise impeller
• Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sound
• RAM and voltage regulator cooling
• SLi and Crossfire compatible
• Pre-applied MX-2
• Lightweight, transport safe

Unmatched Cooling Performance
Featuring 4 heat pipes, 30 fins and 2 PWM fans, the Accelero TWIN TURBO optimises airflow to 40 CFM, and achieves up to 120 Watt cooling capacity. Together with memory and voltage regulator cooling, this new VGA cooler gives enthusiasts a very promising result – 26°C lower than the nVIDIA GeForce 9600GT stock cooler. With such phenomenal cooling performance, the Accelero TWIN TURBO also maximizes the overclocking potential and extends the service life of your graphics card.

The Art of Silence
Low noise impeller and patented fan holder are installed in the two 80mm PWM fans. This unique design reduces the humming sounds significantly and brings the noise level down to 0.6 sone, compared with 1.3 sone of noise generated from the stock cooler.

Flexible Mounting System
The universal design for the Accelero Twin Turbo supports the hottest graphics cards in the market, from nVIDIA GeForce 9600GT to ATI Radeon HD4870, 4850 and many more! It also comes with 2 fan plugs for direct power connection to the VGA card and thus the fans can be controlled by the VGA software.

Dimensions   212 L x 103 W x 54 H mm
Fan   80mm x 2 fans
Fan speed   1200 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air flow   40 CFM / 68m3/h
Maximum cooling capacity   120 Watts
Weight   350g

Solving problems of isufficient cooling performance of Accelero Twin Turbo

On some Accelero Twin Turbo we unforutnately found, that the mounting-bracket was accidentally bended from factory o­n. Thus the cooler can not make a proper contact to the GPU.

To solve this issue we advice a simple and effective solution by bending it manually. The bracket can easily be bent either by using claws or by hand.

Please bend the bracket slightly up, according to the drawing. The bracket then should be slightly above the base of the cooler itself.

Please accept our apologise o­n this circumstance. We have already taken action to improve it immediately.

Installing the voltage regulator cooling module and ram-coolers o­n ATI HD4850

The heat sinks have to be installed shifted to each other, so that the fins of the light grey heat sinks fit into the gaps of the dark grey o­nes.

Unfortunately there is a conflict between the lowest memory-cooler and the heatpipe of Accelero Twin Turbo. The best solution is to cover as much of the memory-chip's surface as possible.

Installing the voltage regulator cooling module and ram-coolers o­n ATI HD4870

When using ATI HD 4870, three lower voltage regulators are covered by two VR cooling modules. Then, another VR cooling module is mounted o­n the lasting two voltage regulators which are located at the top of the card.

Unfortunately there is a conflict between the lowest memory-cooler and the heatpipe of Accelero Twin Turbo. The best solution is to cover as much of the memory-chip's surface as possible.

Keep Your Card Away from 90 Degree Celsius!

If the fan of your Accelero Twin Turbo o­nly starts very late to spin up please follow this guide in using Riva-Tuner to modify the fan-speed-behaviour. Download PDF-File, 250 KB

Computerbase : Accelero Twin Turbo

Mit dem Accelero TwinTurbo ergänzt Arctic-Cooling seine VGA-Kühler-Linie um einen gut abgestimmten Komplettkühler mit Doppelbelüftung. Dabei überzeugt die auf einer Höhe mit der aktuellen Konkurrenz von Xigmatek oder Scythe liegende Kühlleistung des kompakten Sprosses in Verbindung mit der Serienbelüftung.
Eiskaltmacher : Accelero Twin Turbo

Für knapp 30 € bekommt man mit dem Arctic Cooling Accelero TwinTurbo einen optisch ansprechenden Kühler, der neben einer sehr guten Kühlleistung eine ebenso gute Verarbeitung bietet.
HardwareLuxx Printed 06/08 : Accelero S1 + Accelero Twin Turbo

Aus der Preis-Leistungssicht ist und bleibt der Accelero S1 ungeschlagen, besonders mit einem größeren Lüfter zeigt er seine Stärken und wird deswegen auch mit einem Preis-Leistungs-Award prämiert.
PC Games Hardware Extreme 04/08 : Accelero Twin Turbo

Der Accelero Twin Turbo bietet für 19 Euro alles, was das Herz begehrt, einzig über die Optik lässt sich wie üblich streiten.
Mehr Kühler fürs Geld gibt es bei keinem anderen Hersteller.
Ct 23/06 : Accelero Twin Turbo

Als einziger Kühler nutzt der Accelero Twin Turbo von Arctic Cooling die Lüfterregelung der Grafikkarte und arbeitet sehr leise.
Legion Hardware- Accelero TWIN TURBO

The Arctic-Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo is an impressive product that is relatively easy to install, provides excellent performance, and makes very little noise. There really is no downside to this product, as it is also very affordable and compatibility is excellent.

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