We ship to all the European Union and we accept Paypal!
We ship with DPD, GLS , Eurobag and other good parcel service providers depending on country and weight. Shipping is insured and takes usually 2-4 business days.
FOR ORDERS UNDER 2kgs, we ship with POST. Usually takes 5-10 business days.
To check Your shipping rate, simply register or login, put items in shopping cart and go to "Checkout".

For SMALL orders up to 1.8KGS by Post prices are:
0 to 0.5kgs - 9.60 EURO
0.5 to 1kgs - 10.80 EURO
1 to 1.8kgs - 16.80 EURO

Shipping for over 1.8kgs:
  1.80-4.99kg 5.00-8.99kg 9.00-30.00kg
Austria EUR25.20 EUR15.60 EUR15.60
Belguim EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Chech Republic EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Cyprus EUR30.00 EUR38.40 EUR96.00
Denmark EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Estonia EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Finland EUR30.00 EUR21.60 EUR25.20
France EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Germany EUR25.20 EUR15.60 EUR15.60
Greece EUR13.20 EUR10.80 EUR10.80
Hungary EUR25.20 EUR15.60 EUR15.60
Italy EUR30.00 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Ireland EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Latvia EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Luthuania EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Luxemburg EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Malta EUR30.00 EUR38.40 EUR96.00
Netherland EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Poland EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Portugal EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Slovakia EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Slovenia EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20
Spain EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Sweden EUR25.20 EUR27.60 EUR32.40
Romania EUR10.80 EUR10.80 EUR10.80
UK EUR25.20 EUR19.20 EUR19.20

Wednesday 26 February, 2020
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