Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo Pro VGA Cooler

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Multi-Compatible Cooling Weapon for High-End Graphic Cards

As an upgraded version of the renowned Accelero TWINTURBO, this multi-compatible cooler is equipped with dual 92mm PWM fans and 4 heatpipes to reinforce its cooling performance. In addition, its excellent acoustic design minimises noise production, offering a powerful yet quiet operation for gamers with different high-eng VGA cards.

ATI Radeon HD 6870(with VR001), 6850(with VR001), 5870
nVIDIA GeForce GT240, GTS250


ATI Radeon
HD 6870(with VR001), 6850(with VR001)
HD 5870, 5850
HD 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830
HD 4770
HD 3870, 3850
HD 2900XT, 2900 Pro
X1950, X1900 series
X1800, X1650 series
X1600, X1550 series
X1300 series

nVIDIA GeForce
GT240, GTS250
GTS150 (not LP), GT130 (not LP)
9800GTX+, 9800GTX, 9800GT
9600GT, 9600GSO
9500GT (not LP), 9400GT (not LP)
8800GTS(G92), 8800GT, 8800GS
8500GT (not LP), 8400GS (not LP)
7950GT, 7900, 7800, 7600 series
6800, 6600 series

Main features

•    Unmatched cooling performance - 120 Watts 
•    Dual ultra quiet 92mm PWM fans with low noise impeller
•    Excellent heat dissipation via 4 heatpipes
•    RAM and voltage regulator cooling 
•    Pre-applied MX-2
•    Multi-compatible with high-end VGA cards

Cooled by precise engineering
This superior cooler is the upgraded version of the reputable Accelero TWIN TURBO. Instead of using 80mm fans, the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO features two 92mm PWM fans for more advanced heat dissipation. The unconventional 4-heatpipe architecture together with 35 fins achieve up to 120 watts cooling capacity. Also with a layer of the ARCTIC MX-2 thermal compound on the base, the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO guarantees instant and efficient cooling at all time.

Whisper quiet
Using bigger fans does not mean the noise level will increase. The new fan blades of the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO are designed for improving the laminar airflow. This new architecture reduces noise level to minimal, achieving a nearly inaudible operation – only 0.3 sone at full speed, even quieter than the Accelero TWIN TURBO. 

ATI and nVIDIA compatible

Its flexible mounting mechanism is designed with two sets of screw holes – 53mm and 43mm which are suitable for a wide range of ATI and nVIDIA graphic cards. From ATI Radeon HD 4890 to nVIDIA GeForce 6600, the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO is the best choice for most overclockers worldwide to unleash their graphic card potential!

A cooling solution trusted by industry leaders

VGA card manufacturers such as Inno3D, PowerColor / Vertex3D, ELSA and Axle have opted for this ‘turbo’ to boost the graphic performance of their products – so why don’t you get one for yourself?

Dimensions   213 L x 115 W x 49 H mm
Fan   92mm x 2 fans
Fan speed   1000 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air flow   54 CFM / 92m3/h
Max. Cooling Capacity   120 Watts
Bearing   Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight   446g


  10 / 2010
Techno Kitchen : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
Techno-Kitchen edition has awarded a gold award. The reason - a magnificent silent cold cooler from Artic
  09 / 2010 : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is lowering the temperature of our VGA board for more than 30° C and is at the same time much quieter than the stock cooler. It only sits behind the competitor from the same brand, Accelero S1 Rev. 2 with a 120 mm on top.
  09 / 2010
Hardware Secrets : Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO
The Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO is very quiet and kept our GPU really cool. Due to its great cooling performance and whispering low noise level, Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO receives the Hardware Secrets Silver Award.
  06 / 2010
xBit Labs : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
The Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is a high-quality and true evolutionary development of the older model, when all the modifications and changes were indeed for the best. This new cooler proved very effective and quiet and will definitely satisfy even those users who care most of all about the acoustic performance of their system. Besides, Twin Turbo Pro is also very easy to install and is compatible with many contemporary graphics accelerators.
  05 / 2010
PC Overware : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
Accelero Twin Turbo Pro brings a superior cooling performance at absolute low noise. It cools the card by more than 40° C better than the stockcooler does, which is absolutely outstanding. The high quality finishing combined with the wide compatibility and low price guarantee the cooler our Gold Award.
  05 / 2010
Info Hardware : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is a worthy successor to the Accelero Twin Turbo. Equipped with large 92 mm fans, the cooler is not only significantly quieter than the stock cooler, but also is lowering the temperature at the same time. Price and performance offer a sensational ratio, we are glad to give the Editor's Choice Award for the Accelero Twin Turbo Pro.
  03 / 2010
Xtreme PC: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
Overall, the Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro has very good performance and offers a very reasonable price.
  02 / 2010
Virtual Legion: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro gives good performance / price ratio and is highly recommended for those who have one of the graphics in HD4000 family and would like to keep it for longer lifespan.
  02 / 2010
Virtual Legion: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro has done a very good job on HD4870 in the test and is proven to be an excellent cooler. It is highly recommended to those who have a similar card or family HD4000 and above.
  02 / 2010
Bayreview: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
I am very pleased with the cooling performance of the Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and would highly recommend it to everyone. You will be very pleased and will not worry about the graphics card over heating ever again.
  01 / 2010
pc-tuning: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo cooler great for those who want to totally silent graphics card. The silence is really fantastic and just a few days ago, I believe that it is possible to cool the Radeon HD 4800 so quietly.
  01 / 2010 Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
If you want to play with the Radeon HD 5870 in almost total silence, this is what you need.
  01 / 2010
Eiskaltmacher: Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
ARCTIC COOLING succeeded in reworking the Accelero Twin Turbo to the new Pro version. The cooler performs a good cooling performance at a low noise and comes along with good accessories. We award the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO with our Price / Performance award.
  12 / 2009
Computerbase : Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
ARCTIC COOLING's Accelero Twin Turbo Pro can keep up with it's predecessors. The cooler is able to prevail against the competitors with it's luxurious accessories and the high quality finishing, specially the price of the product is outstanding.
The option to connect the fans via PWM directly to the VGA-card is a unique feature and helps also unexperienced users to install the system safely.
  12 / 2009
Tweaktown: Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro
I am excited to see such performance out of any GPU cooler, and I will, hands down, recommend the Accelero Twin Turbo Pro to anyone looking to cool a compatible card. This cooler is simply amazing!
  12 / 2009
Hardwareoc : Accelero TwinTurbo Pro
ARCTIC COOLING's Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is a worthy successor for the Accelero Twin Turbo. The cooling performance is bayond any doubts and could reduce the temperature of our card by up to 25° C. With a clight modification it also fits the HD 5850, but also is widely compatible to many other cards, up to the 5870. Also the price and the accessories of the product fit very well, so we can easily recommend the cooler.
  11 / 2009
PC Games Hardware : Accelero TwinTurbo Pro
The Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO won the “Top Product” award and mark 1.54 (very good) from a reputable German PC magazine PC Games Hardware. “ARCTIC COOLING's Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO offers excellent cooling performance at a very low noise level”, the magazine concluded.

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