Arctic Freezer 13 PRO - LGA775/1155/1366/AM3

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Freezer 13 PRO is hitting its position at the top of the cooler performance charts. This groundbreaking CPU cooler brings a massive 300 Watts of cooling performance – more than enough for all current CPUs. Needless to say, whisper-quiet operation is guaranteed.


Superior Cooling Performance

Superior in its meticulously engineered mechanism, the Freezer 13 PRO features an ultra-quiet 120 mm PWM-controlled fan with four U-shaped 8mm copper heatpipes for inaudible and massive heat dissipation. Spinning at a rate from 300-1350 RPM, this mega-sized CPU cooler guarantees 300W of maximum cooling capacity.


Cooling VRs and Northbridge Components

Utilizing the Cross-Blow technology, the Freezer 13 PRO is equipped with an additional 50 mm PWM-controlled fan at the base of the CPU cooler. This feature is to guide the airflow to cool the Northbridge and voltage regulators. This extra downward blowing fan generates airflow to other chipset parts and thus dramatically lowering the temperature of surrounding components near the CPU.


Quick Installation

Featuring unique push pins mounting system, it offers excellent stability and is applicable within seconds. Its fiber reinforced retention module is strong enough take on the heavy weight of the CPU cooler during installation. The pre-applied ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound facilitates the entire installation process as well.


Air Flow of Cross-Blow Technology


 Technical Data

Dimensions (Packaging) 130L x 92W x 165H mm
Fan (mm) 120mm & 50mm x 2 fans
Thickness of Heatpipes 0.5 mm
Noise Level (Sone) 0.4
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 300
Rated Fan Speed 120mm : 300 - 1350 RPM
50mm : 700 - 2700 RPM
Airflow 49.7 CFM / 96.8 m³/h
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
itemnumber UCACO-FZP13-BL
UPC 0872767003798
Weight 1.05 kg





PCR: Freezer 13 Pro

PCR: Freezer 13 Pro

Freezer 13 Pro is a mega-sized CPU cooler that guarantees 300W of maximum cooling capacity. It utilizes the cross-blow technology to guide aireflow to cool the Northbridge and voltage regulators. This feature ultimately helps to lower the temperature of surrounding components near the CPU.


TweakTown: Freezer 13 Pro

TweakTown: Freezer 13 Pro

The Freezer 13 PRO does a good job at maintaining average temperatures in our testing inaudibly. The mounting is super simple and holds the cooler in place securely if installed properly. If you have any issues, a quick glance at the instructions should solve any issues you might be having. The addition of the 50mm Cross Blow fan will add a bit of airflow around the CPU to other components, and the black and white on an aluminum body makes an attractive solution to replace your stock cooler.

2011-02-25 Freezer 13 Pro Freezer 13 Pro

Game Zoom has taken the exclusive opportunity to test ARCTIC's newest Freezer 13 PRO before its official launch. Test results reveal that the Freezer 13 PRO is an
all-rounded CPU cooler with an excellent price/performance ratio. Cooling an Intel Core i7 970 (6 x 3.0 GHz @ 4.0 GHz), this cooler performed inaudibly and adequately without any doubt. The Freezer 13 PRO deserves a High-End Award and is a truly price/performance winner.



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