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Noiseblocker 92mm NB-BlackSilentFan XE2 Rev3.0+Slics 1800rpm

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Noiseblocker 92mm NB-BlackSilentFan XE2 Rev3.0+Slics 1800rpm

€8.72 inc VAT

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8.72 EUR
гаранция: 24 months

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Good quality does not have to be expensive like the new Silent Fan Series from (((Noiseblocker))) aver. The ideal compromise between loudness, quality and favourable price.

Designed in Germany

  Performance Loudness (db)



1800 u/min

21 dB/A


  • Original (((Noiseblocker))) Quality:
    Also with this series we only use high-quality units an longlife bearings.
  • Ultra silent:
    Perfectly on silent PC's co-ordinated numbers of revolutions for almost noiseless operation.
  • high reliability:
    with longlife sleeve bearings and most modern design
  • economically priced and well

The failure rate is below 0,15% on 100 000 units per year.

Warrenty : 2 years

Technical specifications:

Size: 92x92x25mm

Loudness: 21 dB/A

Airflow: 65 m3/h

Connection: 3 Pin Molex


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Zalman Z11

Sunday 14 February, 2016
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