Zalman Headphones with mic Gaming ZM-HPS300
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€11 26

available: yes

11.26 EUR
warranty: 24 months

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Headset striving for best sound quality
Provides best quality sound for games, music, video chat, online lecture  
50mm macro driver unit

Delivers live & clear sound quality that has unnecessary noise


Powerful Bass


With the upgraded bass sound system, the headset delivers even to the details of heaviest bass sound


High quality Microphone


Can be positioned freely the way the user desires, noised minimized, high quality microphone allows the user to deliver clear sound in any applications


Hardware volume control device

The volume can be easily controlled via hardware volume controller 


Noise Cancellation

The headphone cancels out surrounding noise so that the user can focus while gaming or listening to music 


Comfortable headband

The adjustable headband provides long lasting comfort 


Ideal cable length for PC

Long cable is provided so that the user can use the headset without cable length problem even if PC is far apart. 
Saturday 19 June, 2021
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